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bouncy violet @MililaniVF

finished grinding machinist out to 60, which means new gun and new outfit, which means new haircut.
we're going full autumn fox for now.

look at the tiny handgun it's so cute and precious i love it and it's literally the entire reason i bothered to level the class.

@hoodie i'm publicly apologizing for not preparing you for this situation.

considering the plan was 'fuck it we can bomb back to rank 10 who cares' i'll take this 0.0

"i'm getting rid of britta~"
"stop that"
"i'll stop it when you stop saying divine favor"
seductive voice: "divine favor"
"i'm getting rid of britta~ i'm getting rid of the B~"

@Wulfy omfg i'm dying this is so good

paper cup telephones are a thing *pouts*

It's not exactly dire, but I'm a little strapped for income and could use a little assistance. Thank you in advance. Pay me back using my PayPal.Me link: