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Predictably, numerous "leftist" social media pages and groups have suddenly become anti-Bernie Sanders meme groups. Huh.

!!!! Bring on the propaganda, I am 75% moire prepared for it this season than last.

Huh. Looks like the TERF thing has been tracked back to the Heritage Foundation. Weird, though unsurprising.

Whats with all the 'Pizza' accounts trying to follow me?

Anyone else take that next step?

Have you started trolling with your LinkedIn profile? Do you troll and argue for Marxism and socialism in front of corporate executives who might have your resume? Connected professionals? Holy fuck it feels great.

The capitalists think they have a pet social network in LinkedIn. Everyone acts 'professional' there and sucks up the ideology dripping from the capitalists nuts, so it's freeing to start condemning them openly.

Ive just had my first 'TERF' encounter.

I admit I've seen the debates and fights, and I've seen people I respect and value discuss the TERF phenomenon critically, but I have remained outside the discussion and had no solid awareness of what TERFs really want.

Then a vegan/stoner group Im in had a schism, and "WLW" and "MLM" people showed up... and fighting broke out. Now there is a sub-group, and a sub-sub-group, and people are angry. I see now.

The bird site is so much fun.

"Altruism must be profitable" says the capitalist sock puppet I picked up on Michael Shermer feed.

it later occurred to me that the iww already made this meme in probably like 1903, time is a flat circle etc

In this land, you're free to do anything you want except challenge capital in any way, shape, or form.

When your irony game is so strong it is indistinguishable from fashy infiltration, you need a new game.

Why did you block me, or whatever has been done, after I asked about your comment to do with I've never been blocked or banned on any Mastodon instance so I don't even know what happened.

Are you aware of the weird "schism" here? Did I say something wrong in my comment where I shared my experience, and that of my wife on these instances?

@venko personality tests are fascists for two reasons, one deeper than the other.

Firstly, because they are essentialist. They rest on the assumption that people are born with a given personality type. How this concept is fascist shouldn't need explaining.

More deeply, they claim that people can be "known", that they can be categorised, and thus objectified. This is an essential negation of the freedom and infinite potentialities of every human being, as laid out in Totality and Inifinity.

Damn, now Overwatch has so many gun-toting redneck heroes in it that it's like the supreme court!

Thanks everyone. I'm here all week.

On Armistice Day, remember wars are fought for capitalists by the working classes regardless of country.

All the spoils go to the rich. All the suffering goes to the poor.

There ought to be no veterans because there ought to be no wars.

Solidarity for the working classes!

RT Hi, Satan! I'm an ER doc. If you add up every gummy bear, cue ball, or copy of your shitty books Ive pulled out of orifices, it doesnt even approach the number of moms Ive had to tell their kids are dead from guns. Stick w/the xenophobia+racism youre so good at and GTFO our lane.

Latest peanutbutter, oat, cannabis coconut oil balls are superrrrrb. May E 200-300mg thc. Had zlme beer and I dunno how much peanutbutter tonight, and I'm doing okayyyyy

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