Take me down to the paradox city where the grass is green and the grass isn’t green

Take me down to the paravane city where a device equipped with sharp teeth is towed alongside a ship to cut the mooring cables of submerged mines.

@MillennialDog Take me down to the provolone city where the grass is cheese and the girls are also cheese.

@MillennialDog take me down to the fur con city where the dogs are green and the sharks got titties

oh, that's simple. You just make a city with no grass.
All grass in such a city is green.
And all grass in such city is not green.

@rysiek @MillennialDog
You're right that no grass in such city is green and no grass is not-green.
But I was also right.
The magic of iterating over an empty set <3

@rysiek @MillennialDog
all grass - (\forall grass \in {} . whatever) is true
no grass - (\not \exists grass in \{} . whatever) is also true

@rysiek Aha, that blue-green article confirms something I’d wondered about after some confusing Chinese conversations. Thanks!

@MillennialDog ha actually the grass is the color green but it's plastic therefore it's not "green"
checkmate, atheists
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