Reminder: You’re not immune to other forms of privelege just because you’re in a marginalized community.

I still see anti-bi and anti-trans attitudes, erasure, and worse all the fucking time even in many “good” queer communities.

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Seeing these attitudes and behaviors crop up in communities where I’m meant to feel safe has left me hurt and jaded just as much as in non-queer-exclusive communities and it fucking sucks.

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@Minalien and i see a hell of a lot of ableism in "good" queer+trans communities >.> and a hell of a lot of queermisia in disability communities <.<

@kit I see similar behaviors frequently too, and it pisses me off so much. “You -know- what it’s like experiencing similar behavior so why the hell are you perpetuating it?” x___x

Also, thank you for introducing the -misia suffix! I’d learned recently that “-phobia” in those contexts was problematic (that’s an area of my own privilege and behavior I’m working to be more conscious of), and wasn’t aware of a suffix it could be replaced with (hence the use of the anti- prefix). ^_^

@Minalien ah yr welcome. i only found out about it a few months ago, for a long time i was feeling like "well maybe it is but also maybe it's necessary?" bc anti-x doesn't always exactly fit (esp in what i would see called whorephobia a lot, since i used to do camgirl stuff regularly) but. yeah now i have a pretty easy drop-in replacement

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