I’ve just bought a can anyone recommend some decent games?

@Mindracer What kind of games do you usually like? RPGs? Platformers? Story-driven QTE simulators? Beat'em up? Fighting games? Shooters?

@Mindracer For RPGs, FF15, Nier: Automata (action++), Divinity Original Sin 2, Dragon's Dogma (had it on PS3), Horizon: Zero Dawn and Dragon Quest XI, Persona 5 and of course The Witcher 3… ¬_¬' + Dark Souls, South Park, the Banner Saga 3, Ni No Kuni.

For platformers, I liked Dust: An Elysian Tail (a bit short), Hollow Knight + Dead Cells (impossible to complete), Celeste (current fav), Fez (very twisted), Rayman Legends, maybe Blasphemous if you're very religious-proof.

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