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After achieving nothing this morning I’m aiming to do the same this afternoon

I feel like it’s been a productive morning but I’ve achieved nothing

Didn’t fall off Crib Goch but did get sunburnt today

Up early tomorrow to head into Snowdonia, planning on doing the Snowdon Horseshoe

BT are putting fibre to the pole in, I’ll soon be able to ditch

After 4 nights camping there’s no better feeling than your own freshly made bed

Microsoft do a really poor job of supporting their own hardware with their own OS. It’s a constant battle trying to manage their devices and drivers.

This is terrifying

“Three other members of the opposition coordination council have also vanished, in what appears to be a targeted attempt by the authorities to wipe out the protest movement.”

Resting on the sofa after a terrible night’s sleep near the summit of Y Garn. Sunrise was worth it though

Intel's Mitigation For CVE-2019-14615 Graphics Vulnerability Obliterates Gen7 iGPU Performance

Need to find a project or learn some new tech to spend my days on while looking for a job. Maybe AWS learning path or have another go at learning some python

Reading In Cold Blood and struggling to get in to it. This is gonna be a hard slog of a book.

Last day in work today, quiet day of finishing off docs and drinking coffee

Last year I read 85 books, easily beating my target of 52. I really thought I’d struggle to do it. As a result of reading I’ve almost completely stopped watching tv.

I’d forgotten how I hate interviews, found out tomorrow if I’ve been successful 🤞

Don’t think my chilli pants will survive the winter

Heading back from London. Should have enough time to get home and vote

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