RT The classroom I'm volunteering in still has technology textbooks from the 1980s in it. Is this not the most glorious stock photo of all time?


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@Miniver My first ever 'computer' was of this generation, a Sharp PC-1211. Mine did not have a modem but it had a printer and a compact cassette recorder interface.

@Miniver Wow, I wish I could do that. But I can't find a payphone to save my life..

@Miniver I love how he's smoking a pipe, while hooking up his modem/mini-PC, in what I'm assuming is probably an airport.

@Miniver Funktion zum Anfassen und Vorstellen - gar nicht so dumm, Datenzusammenhaenge mal plastisch darzustellen. So einen Taschencomputer (Basic!) habe ich auch noch, gute Erfahrungen, witzige Ergebnisse.
Alles Wichtige wurde in den 60ern und 70ern erfunden, was Computer angeht. Da reicht 80er Technik doch voellig aus.
Quelle: AT&T Tech Channel

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