"Hey kids. I'm in my 60s. You've never lived in an America where the rich paid their fair share. I have. Let me tell you what that was like:

* We built new schools
* We built new highways
* We cut the poverty rate
* We lead the world in technology

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@Miniver I'm in my 60s and living in a retiirement village. I've noticed how over time extreme capitalism has been gaining momentum in every society, overtaken sanity, and has ostensibly destroyed the laughingly called modern society at a national as well as global level.

@Miniver Jonathon, I am 42. I saw the tail end of this.

This nation is unstoppable when all play fair.

@Miniver Indeed this is the Piketty proposal, that we return to the "confiscatory tax rates" of the mid 20th century during what he called "the era of super-managers", in which it was possible to have zero capital income but be within the top 10% of income from your own labor.

@Miniver It was also the time when wars brought a lot of money to your country while others where recovery from destruction and when the there still was a separation between savings banks and betting institutions. The 'free market' ideology was only starting and politicians where still bothering to look like respectable people. Lots of things changed since then apart from being involved in many wars but most of the money made out of it isn't flowing back on the local market.

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