1. the idea of the "carbon footprint" was invented (by literally the fossil fuel companies) to take the burden off business and government and make individual people think it's THEIR fault (and their responsibility):


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@Miniver one possible way to jam this trick is to turn it back on the polluters and look at their "footprint" - e.g. the 100 companies with 71% of the world's footprint:

Maybe it's possible to do that for littering too, but maybe it's harder, given how much more time the concept of a "litterbug" has been hanging around and defined as an individual person..

@Miniver I've been thinking for a while about making a "footprint calculator" which asks all the usual energy / fuel use, diet, questions - and then accurately shows how everyone's footprint is pretty much just set by their government 😬

@Miniver @aral I regularly wonder why we (individuals) have stringent rules about recycling plastic and paper, have to drop off some at specialized recycling facilities - why was a company allowed to even package a product with this material to begin with? Why is it even on store shelves if it’s so wasteful and requires energy-burning processes to not be a complete waste? why not stop waste at the source instead of pushing it on the hundreds of millions of people who have no way to avoid it?😓

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