Late last night, I got a response from Twitter that they would not be reinstating my account due to "abuse."

Twitter asks that it's users "look at context" when they are letting us know that the user reported "did not violate ToS" in the automated responses that they send out. I have had this happen NUMEROUS times on comments I have received that were racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, and anti-immigrant. I have received this response on comments that were CLEARLY death or rape threats +

I have written to Twitter on numerous occasions to let them know that I was being targeted because of my advocacy for marginalized communities and because of my large platform. I have been ignored or told to "look at the context" of comments that didn't need any as they were self-explanatory.

After 11 days of no response from Twitter Support, they closed out 10 years, 55k+ posts, 17k+ followers without so much as a conversation or taking their own advice to "look at context".

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I will not be coming back to Twitter for this reason unless they reinstate my original and only account. I do not have an alt, and will not be creating one in the foreseeable future.

Creating a new account does nothing to change the hostile environment that Twitter has become. I could handle the hateful trolls, if they didnt indiscriminately punish those who were speaking out against them or allowing them to mass report ppl even when they follow ToS and block ppl being abusive towards them.

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I have a lot of great memories over the past 10 years and have met some amazing people. I will miss all of that.

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@MissJules5x I am really sorry to hear that Jules. You will be really missed.


Your welcome.

A truly sad day my friend.

If you start regularly using another social media make sure I know about it :)


I think Johny may be about to go on a rampage, not a good day for any bootlicker near him . . .

@VryKranky ahhh lolll. He's always starting at 11 just like me 😂 I'll shoot him an email.


Mate you should really read the replies to the thread tomorrow.

You impacted a lot of people, they have a lot to say.

It's a little like a eulogy but I think we don't get to hear a lot of things that we should.

You were a personal and positive addition to a lot of peoples lives.

There's also a possibility a mob may form to burn twitter to the ground.

So you may be on the clock.


Your welcome.

Sad isn't always bad, a lot of people coming together as well.

So the good side of a funeral without you actually having to die :)

There may be a lot more banned after you if the shitlibs have got their report bots working as well.

We'll sort it out.

@MissJules5x I still remember that dm we had going on about when I was sick because I thought I had alcohol poisoning.

@VryKranky I'm not going to stop trying to get my account back... I just don't know what good it will do or even how to go about it at this point since they didn't even give me an option to delete the tweets they said were abusive and reinstate my account. So many get so many chances and their first reaction with me is always to punish me when others get off for way worse.

@jessemarioneaux @VryKranky they said that one was closed out and I couldn't respond to it and would have to file a new appeal. When I went to file a new appeal like they said I had to, it says that there is an open appeal and I had to wait for a response on it. It's like they are telling me that it is closed, but they left it open to block me from creating new appeals.


Pat the Burners eventually came back I think.

So I think they are going for disruption - wasting you're time.

But that's a guess.

I think you're right to stay on this and play it out.

@VryKranky his personal account was never suspended. They never reinstated Peter Douche


Ah, I didn't realize they were different.

But I think you're right to keep pushing through the process.

People are making a lot of noise maybe it'll help.


Yeah mate I think that's smart.

We need a non corporate controlled way to do the groups stuff like solidarity building and community support.

This forum seems a little clumsy for that.

@MissJules5x @VryKranky The only thing I really use twitter for is for keeping up with the news in Syria and what is going on over and then people like you Jules and others like you on there.

@MissJules5x On the plus side, it got my "Shut yer bootlickin pie-hole" butt over here, and with any luck, I'll never have to use that phrase here!

@MissJules5x Jules I was off twitter for a while and just found out! I’m so sorry and pissed! 😢💗

@MissJules5x me too I hope you can somehow get it back. What a load of shit🤞😘

@katealex thank you. I hope so, but IDK what else to do at this point

@MissJules5x Yeah I can imagine. Twitter's policies are completely ridiculous. They're just setup to protect famous people so they don't get criticism from influential people.

@geotrill so true. Makes sense since they have been trying to get rid of me for awhile now. They used any excuse or incident of mass reporting that they could do it.

@MissJules5x I’m sorry about all this, Jack and his team will allow shitty people on there say just about anything. Including the moron in charge. I’ll miss your posts on there, but I’ll keep coming here to check you. I don’t do facebook, fuck that site, but I’ll check you here for sure. 😕

@MissJules5x I hope you stay on here you are going to be so missed on there and I let Beth know as well.

@MissJules5x I get it- I hate the platform myself, worse still though I hate that all my allies are splitting between about 5 different platforms. At the moment I'm searching for a system to help me "stay on" 1. Mewe 2. GAB 3. Mastodon 4. Minds 5.YouTube/bitchute 6.WordPress &maybe 7. Twitter? At the same time with regular posts.

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