Everyone needs to get the fuck off that toxic as shit site full of goddamn narcs

Twitter is doing the absolute fucking MOST to elevate +protect the voices of fascists +think tank shitheads/troll farms while their boots are stomping on the necks of leftists (especially marginalized ppl) that go against their state dept approved horseshit

It's very clear at this point that their marching orders are coming directly from the NSA +that their execs can't get hard unless they are acting like cops ➕


The minute I step foot on Twitter I get swarmed by shitlheads with accounts like "@xfy873273" telling me that the U.S. invading X country is good ACTUALLY bc PUTIN +COMMUNISTS!!! +then get dick pics, death threats +multiple racist/anti-immigrant comments or creepy sexist comments. OFC all of that is fine according to Twitter, but telling someone to "shut up" or calling someone a "TERF" is "abusive" or "silencing their voice".

Yeaaaaahhhh get fucked, Twitter.

We have to shut them down.

@MissJules5x I am in shock that you got suspended again. It is like a disease it will feed on itself till there is no host left that is what will happen to Twitter in the long run.

@LoraLeaTucker_1 : Tomorrow Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will announce that, as of May 2, the State Department will no longer grant sanctions waivers to any country that is currently importing Iranian oil, including: China, India, Turkey, Japan & ROK.

Gdamn that bootlicking site!! But let Damn Trump incite and threaten wtf! Fuck you Jack! Idgaf make another account jules !

@LoraLeaTucker_1 it's such fucking bullshit. That site needs to just disappear

@LoraLeaTucker_1 Well, I think I was there long enough to tweet Bernie into the White House so mission accomplished. 😁 @MissJules5x

@LoraLeaTucker_1 Definitely. But I wanted to stick around for the Mueller Report mass sadz tomorrow. It'll be just as comical as when Hillary lost the first time. @MissJules5x

@TheXclass @MissJules5x I'm going to hate watch cable news and laugh at the fucking idiots

@LoraLeaTucker_1 @MissJules5x
I get physically ill at the idea of cable news. I can't watch it anymore. It's been two years now.

@MissJules5x I'm not at all surprised. Tbh, I'm a little surprised you lasted that long.

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