i have to take math this semester, press f to pay respects


i got a syringe to irrigate my wisdom teeth sockets and omg it changed my life. it’s SO satisfying

dentist's office, drugs 

i'm getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow and they're giving me painkillers and nitrous oxide. what music should i listen to while under the influence?

this is bar none one of my favorite historical photos of all time. (slovenian partisan women, 1942).

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@EdgarAllanFoe i forgot about that game, now i want to play it that way!

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a fun way to play "Guess Who" is to only allow subjective questions

"does your person give to charity?"
"has your person ever committed a felony?"
"does your person have a dark secret they keep from their family?"


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"russian song that starts out with "ой во поле" "did you mean: all of them"

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also there are like a zillion songs that have that line and those words

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