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Today is an Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden type of day.

Why is it that I only stub my toe while I have a serious foot injury?

Damn you chair legs and corners of other random objects!

Taking Into Account, Ep. 41 - Break Up Facebook, Linux in Windows, Eoan Ermine, MS + Red Hat, Tilix

Jimi Hendrix Arrives in London in 1966, Asks to Get Onstage with Cream, and Blows Eric Clapton Away.

"You Never Told Me He Was That F-ing Good"

So I'm gone for a few days and now my entire feed is nothing but .

Seems kinda like a paid version of Framasoft's services, but very family friendly.

The should totally do something like this for additional profit and more widespread adoption.

The Free Software Directory is an essential catalog of free software online, maintained by an ever-changing team of amazing volunteers -- and one of them could be you! Read more:

Can we get some love to all the Yunohost app packagers doing a truly *epic* job at packaging *and* maintaining more than 100 apps :blobaww: !

Cheers to Maniack @JimboJoe @josue @anmol @yalh @kayou @frju365 and many more I'm forgetting :underheart: !

Friendly reminder: In a world where so many people are cruel for the sake of it, the most punk thing you can do is to be kind without expecting anything in return.

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You don't have to use Google Play on your Android phone.

There's a free open alternative app store called F-Droid, which is much more privacy-friendly, and which you can install yourself relatively easily.

There's a simple instruction guide for beginners on

There's a much more detailed guide by @IzzyOnDroid here:

You can follow the official F-Droid account here:


#FDroid #GooglePlay #DeleteGoogle

If you really care about the health of internet use a free browser as Icecat and the libreJS plugin. LibreJs plugin blocks all the proprietary Javascript contained in the web pages, so you can see what is the state of the free (as in freedom) internet, and you can help us complain about this situation to the web sites owners. You can read about the Javascript Trap here:
"If you fight you can lose, but if you don't fight you have already lose."

Only 71 years left and then the 90's are back. πŸ‘Œ

Also would like to pass on this core i3-2120 processor. If you've got an LGA1155 motherboard in need of a proc buy me a beer and its yours.

☎SATURDAY: community conference call!☎️

WHEN : Saturday, April 13th at 14:00 UTC

HOW TO JOIN: Using a Mumble voice over IP application, connect to server <> using port 64738.

WHO: All are welcome! Join us!

More info:

If you post images to social media, I would strongly suggest you use this app, always. Especially if you use Whatsapp and share images to it.

Scrambled Exif (Remove the metadata from your pictures before sharing them) -

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