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Hey, I'm giving away a t400 libreboot system, also I made a 90s style i3 setup :D. Using plymouth chicago 95 debian and i3wm. Also I'm selling two x200(s) if anyone is interested :D

Email for giveaway:

Love retro gaming and achievement hunting? lets you play all of your favorite classic games with achievements using RetroArch's core emulators.

#SeaGL2019 If you are looking for hardware that respects your freedoms check out you can find vendors for main boards, Ethernet, WiFi adapters. Wireless router from think penguin and avoid those nasty proprietary blobs amongst other things

My son somehow kicked the Panera order-taking iPad out of kiosk mode and I’ve never been so proud #WeAreNameless

Have you seen the new authenticator Aegis? Looks quite nice, and it's FOSS and available trough F-Droid. Oh, and the website is quite beautiful, which is too rare in the FOSS universe

The new mobile web layout is live!

You can add Pixelfed to your home screen and use it like a native app on Android and iOS devices.

Just canceled my pre-order of the Librem 5 for a refund.

I gotta say, customer service was on it and gave me no hassle. No questions asked. 👍

It's no longer the WWW but the WWEW. Worldwide Execution Web. People no longer download web pages in their browsers; they download programs. Thanks to @lxoliva for the name.

Congrats to @Blender for an awesome release! They're giving us a lesson on running a successful Free Software project.

@purism I really, really want to trust you folks. Your work is super exciting.

What actions have you taken to address the concerns around your privacy and infrastructue issues brought up about both LibremOne and other results of the Yale Privacy Lab report


For those who haven't come across it yet, is *such* a great resource.

I mean, look at this:

Been reading it for years, but just became a patron 👍

I completely forgot to mention due to... well... this month, but my talk at #lgm on #teaching #art using #floss software is now up for anyone who missed it.

#artWithOpenSource #opensource #lgm2019

Need a free journal or blog site on the web that isn't riddled with adverts nor monetizes your data? Check out "Message of The Day" at

The Mozilla web dev and designer survey: tells me I have to enable js, so I enable js and refresh, at which point it tells me I've already taken the survey

This is the exact state of web dev in 2019

I think Germany is pretty admirable for banning Microsoft Office 365 from their schools... but what about Google Docs?

Same spying, same data mining, same US based servers.

In situations like this, Free Software is always the way forward. Start adopting or other FOSS alternatives.

First the Internet gave us access to everything. Then it gave everything access to us.

I could feel the earthquake aftershocks that hit Ridgecrest and I live 4 hours away.

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