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Finally found out how to get rid of those pesky ads on my "smart" TV and remove all of the Google/Sony spyware crap...

Couldn't find this info anywhere online for my TV (Sony XBR 900E), but you can disable each offending apk/process by running this adb command from shell. Should work for any other Android TV as well.

adb shell pm uninstall -k --user 0 com.nameofspyware.here

I take a break from the internet for a week (traveling with family), come back home and Intel is melting down.

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Ah yes, people on birbsite freaking out about Netflix knowing their viewing habits. Quite hilarious.

But Google reading all your email and correlating it with all the ad data they have is okay.

Or Facebook drawing a neat social graph across all your friends, family and interests, while retaining the messages you never submitted.

Brave new world.

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Page 43 of Phill from GCHQ - the comic about a shy surveillance officer in the British equivalent of NSA, whose tranquil but lonely life is roused by three, evil Celtic Gods.

Also translated into German, French and Danish...

Read it here:


And support it here:




#art #artwithopensource #linuxartists #krita #inkscape #drawing #comic #comics #bd mastodon.art/media/bWCKupWEfJ9

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this is meant to be the place where i shhout into the void bc nobody follows me. don't ruin this

Wuyi black on a cold day.

Tastes like a freshly lit firework with a hint of smoked wood chips!

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More #Patreon...

The discussion seems to revovle around if Patreon is good or evil... like Google once was Good and now is evil. Also if it can support artists enough to let them live from their art.

The truth is that Patreon is a private company, not a kind mother, and artists are artisans with their own little businesses. Small businesse are always exploited by larger businesses - it's all about power, and the fact that Patreon can change the agreement as they see fit just exemplifies what was always a fact.

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This is a really important time to push free and open source alternatives to #Patreon! I've considered using @Liberapay, but was afraid I had to use Patreon to get the network effect.

Please tell people about #Liberapay, post about it on Reddit (r/patreon), vote it up on Alternativeto, etc alternativeto.net/software/lib

Please boost! This kind of opportunity to topple a near monopoly with FLOSS does not come often!
Are there other FLOSS #crowdfunding platforms?

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There's a post on F-droid's website by @grote about how this sort of offline repository is used by mobile phone stores in Cuba.

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Speaking of 20th century pulpy art, this might be my favourite. The composition and the pose are swish-as-hell. Gang Moll by Rudy Nappi, 1923.

I have several powerful PCs laying around the house, but it feels like I use the more than all of them.

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Reminder: Gratipay is shutting down at the end of the month! If you had an account there you can migrate it: simply open gratipay.com/, log in, and click the "Migrate to Liberapay" button.

In general I can't stand advertisements, but the cover of this car parts catalogue is so nice and clean!

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you don't need to be verified on mastodon bc you're already valid ✨