If you're still using NoScript, I highly recommend checking out uMatrix as a replacement.

uMatrix is a flexible and more advanced resource blocker allowing you to enable or reject CSS, images, cookies, scripts, media, and more across multiple domains.

@MistahDarcy I tried it once but it looked weird to me, so I quit it. What do the upper left corner triangles mean? If I turn the "image" cell red, I still can see images on the site...

@antonlopez Good question. The little triangles mean the setting is locked and won't change on browser restart.

uMatrix has both global (say you're on and never want anything from to load) and local restrictions (allow on, but nowhere else, maybe for captcha use).

To switch between global, click the little * asterisk on the top left. Settings here will block across all domains. You can save your settings by hitting the lock icon when you're done.

@antonlopez Clicking on the headers will allow you to enable or disable each category. So if you click the * asterisk, and turn the "script" category red, and then hit the lock, they will be blocked permanently everywhere.

@antonlopez Using the "First party" category will let you make default restrictions based on the current domain you're visiting. IE: If you allow all images + CSS under First party, every website you go to will have CSS + Images enabled. Just remember to make these changes AFTER you click on the * asterisk.

@antonlopez You can also make settings based upon subdomains by clicking half of the URL, or the full URL to the left of the * asterisk.

Sorry that's a long spiel, but you have some pretty advanced options in a small interface!

After you catch the gist of things, it's pretty simple to use.

@MistahDarcy Wow, I just realized that about the domains and subdomains, this is powerful indeed. Thanks a million for the tips, now I think I can handle it!

@antonlopez The best way to learn how to use uMatrix is to visit a heavily saturated website. Think news websites, e-commerce, gaming websites, etc. is a good example.

It's easy for websites to track you even with a simple 1x1 transparent .png image. So being able to block more than scripts is very handy.

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