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If by chance you haven’t heard or seen about my new project I’m working on with my friend Taylor we’ve just launched a brand new weekly comic based on my “Things you should be doing instead” tweets. Please check it out :D Updates every Monday.

Pray for my elderly wood elf goat-lady with a smushed-in face.

Decided to generate a Skyrim character using random number generation courtesy of random-dot-org.

It uh... it went Full McElroy on me:

Migrated to @Texan_Reverend 's new instance,

I promise this is gonna be the one and only hop for the forseeable future <3

@Texan_Reverend @VmKid @I_Am_Clockwork That actually happened to me on another account. Someone migrated to waifu-dot-social and I'm like "Oh is it like an anime shitposting instance"?

Nah, turns out it was predominantly full of French TERFs. What a waste of a perfectly good instance domain, imo. :c

@VmKid @Texan_Reverend @I_Am_Clockwork Fair. I guess I think other services like birdsite have burned me on the idea of platforms making automated decisions for me, even seemingly obvious ones :p

@Texan_Reverend @I_Am_Clockwork How's the mantra go? "What's safe is rarely convenient, and what's convenient is almost never safe?"

I'd rather be inconvenienced, given the choice between the two. <3

@I_Am_Clockwork @Texan_Reverend Yeah if there was a way to auto-re-follow migrated accounts, that'd be nice...

@Texan_Reverend I might consider migrating, as I'm not Overly Attached to the toots I've made thus far.

That said, have you decided on a domain for the new instance yet? (I only ask because as soon as I thought about it, the domain 'snorsh-dot-ash' popped into my head XP)

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Extremely sorry about the downtime. Scaling up to multiple machines has revealed a peculiar issue with a scheduled process that's supposed to run every night... once. It was run on every machine instead, putting the database in a deadlock state.

We're back now and I'm going to add a fix before next night 😩

Special Thanks to @Texan_Reverend anyway for sitting in and giving me feedback on my audio levels <3

Oh well. Kinda burned through most of my streaming time today with executive dysfunction anyway so I'll try again tomorrow.

It's always the dumbest friggin' thing that trips me up, I stg.

Hey @Texan_Reverend you know what the issue was?

I didn't start OBS in Adminstrator mode.

Womp Womp.

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