A sudden break in the storm!
penguins are emerging

this is the cutest


Flash fiction, as in under 1,000 words.

I've read plenty of slash already (mostly femslash), so I'm covered there.

288,982 accounts
+108 in the last hour
+3,669 in the last day
+23,714 in the last week

the subway sandwich artist called my order “respectable”

Slow lightning. That's what is on my mind Mastodon, since you asked...


Still no followers... well these things take time I suppose.

I noticed a quick little glitch whenever I use Mastodon, for whatever reason it seems like no one ever retoots or favorites my posts? So later today Im going to organize a meeting with the coders and ask them questions about-

Am I the only one who was terrified of choosing the "wrong" instance to start an acct on first

Someone very much has issues with his big truck for towing trucks. I mean I say “his” but only because he had a full beard, didn’t check his pronouns, we were in traffic. BTW I’m here from Tumblr mastodon.social/media/l5Bi-j6H

you ever just mistakenly click a bookmark and you feel your soul physically leave your body?

Still here, still don't really know anyone. How do I find my friends on here without asking them on another platform? I'm assuming they're on other instances - I did the initial search / twitter search with limited results.
(Ok, that might mean a lot of my followers were bots - that's a real possibility - but not too many of the ones I followed)

this shit feels like being in a big fantroll group chat on MSPARP i have no idea who any of you are and i cant follow shit but i love you

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