I hate that the word has been hijacked by cryptobros, I want more content on the indieweb, not more ponzi schemes

@chjara 100 years ago the US had a union movement and people weren't inclined to believe (as is probably true now) that they had no influence over politics
ok fine i get it. e-mail bad. send me a swapdoodle on the nintendo 3ds

facebook is an interesting case study because they made a series of very deliberate choices to turn users into basically nothing more than recipients of ads and push algorithmic timelines (they've since completely removed the option to see posts in chronological order on desktop) to the detriment of the network. there used to be actual community on the website, people would make posts reacting to each other. now you don't even know if ~anyone~ will see your posts and if they do it'll be days later, after you wanted to discuss it. It's had a major part in driving traffic as far away from their network as possible.

it is impossible at the moment to just focus on doing "normal science" without material investment in rebuilding our modes of scientific communication. as publishers continue to gamify the practice of science with surveillance-based metrics, that will only become more true.

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me on a date, twirling my hair idly: uh so tell me again about scientific marxism and the hollow nature of socialist utopianism? ha ha

We need voter ID now. Voter fraud is a totally real problem that we need to fix. Yes I still hate the DMVs and all governmental offices that employ lots of non white people and want them all closed. Yes I still spout bullshit about the government requiring citizens to produce identification being fascism whenever it's about something I do not like. No I do not see the contradictions in this. No I do not think I am racist.

Seeing something fly by on the federated view like; "...Yeah sure, I'll favourite that"

The fact that there are still people who think that covid will end without drastic lockdown mesures is astounding

"We can't return to normal, because the normal we had was precisely the problem."


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