Well, he obviously hasn't connected the dots between "women, sex, love, and lust", and "future generation".

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@SonaliRanade@twitter.com @MitaliSaran@twitter.com @Yascha_Mounk@twitter.com @irfannooruddin@twitter.com Khushwant Singh recommended the banning of Rushdie's Satanic Verses. Karma is now coming back to bite him posthumously. Liberals who accommodated Muslim 'feelings' of offense helped create the majoritarian monster. twitter.com/nistula/status/119

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Justice (Retd) Lokur's plea to new CJI, SA Bobde, to "restore the credibility and stature" of the SC, to prevent "the death knell of the independence of the judiciary."

Strong words that sound a lot as if it's the last chance to do this.


Do read this story from democratic India, where 10,000 people in Jharkhand are charged with sedition for asking to either be given their constitutional rights, or be corrected on what their rights are. That's right, 10,000 people. That's right, sedition. scroll.in/article/944116/10000

Today, part 3/5 in the series by @nit_set@twitter.com:

The broke its own rules to sell before crucial state elections--first as an exception, then by treating a "'special' but illegal window as a precedent to be followed."


From to , young people bear the brunt of authoritarianism because they have the courage to stand up to it, and authoritarians haaaate people who stand up to them. Rooting for you, students! Be safe and good luck. scroll.in/latest/944093/jnu-fe

Yesterday the first of the series showed how the government steamrolled the to create .

Today, Part 2 shows how it steamrolled the , then lied and obfuscated about it in Parliament.

Great job, @nit_set@twitter.com and @HuffPostIndia@twitter.com.

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Investigations 2: Modi govt lobbied secretly and mislead the Election Commissioners, hoping they would drop opposition to the bonds. When it failed, it lied to the Parliament. Caught doing so once, it lied again, and again. huffingtonpost.in/entry/electo

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A six-state survey shows that restricted entitlements, a cumbersome application process, and unreliable payments undermine social support for pregnant and nursing women in India. Important thread 👇

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There is an urgent need for better social support of pregnant and nursing women. Here are a few steps that would go a long way. [16/16]

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In his latest jhadoo-pochha of , @rammadhavbjp@twitter.com goes for 1) liberals=Islamists, 2) human rights=bogey, and, er, 3) Modi=Lincoln. Doesn't clarify whether Lincoln threw kids in jail. Loud, busy scraping coming from the bottom of the barrel. indianexpress.com/article/opin

Stunning story by @nit_set@twitter.com of how the govt stepped over the 's stiff opposition and warning about money laundering, to launch the that have flooded 6,000+ crores (so far) into political parties--the lion's share to @BJP4India@twitter.com.

⁦@gautambhatia88@twitter.com⁩ on the ex-CJI’s impact on the court. “A little brief authority”: Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi and the Rise of the Executive Court – Indian Constitutional Law and Philosophy indconlawphil.wordpress.com/20

.@jacindaardern@twitter.com for President of the World.

Reminder that the term was made up by a third-rate filmmaker frightened by free-thinking academia, media & individuals. The HM, frightened by the same things, turns an anti-intellectual smear campaign into national/internal security policy. thehindu.com/news/national/ami

@suhrith and I wrote a piece on the Ayodhya judgment.


We asked if the judgment is legally correct; and if isn't, whether it is nonetheless justified as an act of "judicial statesmanship" that lets the country move on.

We believe that the answer to both those questions is "no".

India is facing rising poverty and growing malnutrition; but don’t worry, the government is working tirelessly to pretend it’s not.

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Another day, another hidden NSO (earlier known as NSSO) survey, another scoop.

Consumer spending fell for the first time in more than four decades in 2017-18.

Consumer spending had last declined during extraordinary events in India's history.


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