To my mind, the court's mandate is not to rule in the interest of peace. It is to rule in the interest of justice. Ensuring peace is the mandate of law enforcement.

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@thescientist009 @MitaliSaran Circumstances, I guess. They thought it would be a law and order situation in the North. I apologise for being blunt, but us southern lot are not as violent as our northern sisters and brothers. Secondly, Kerala has a CM who is part of a movement / party which is pretty much against organized religion.


You never know if the verdict was what the people in power really wanted. Kerala society was divided on the issue and BJP did benefit out of that judgement.


@MitaliSaran These days judges are legislators, police and creepy uncles all rolled into one.

@MitaliSaran Absolutely. The courts must uphold the law and the fundamental rights of people - which they have failed at miserably with the Ayodhya verdict as well as with Kashmir.. there are other examples as well.

@MitaliSaran Peace vs Justice (and whether Justice has affected pursuit of an eventual Peace) has been studied in the context of War Crimes Tribunals.

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