For someone that is as shy and antisocial as me I sure do like flirting

Take your meds little monsters. (And big monsters)

I'm thinking about starting a local non-dogmatic discussion and ritual group for witches/sorcerers/magic workers in western massachusetts

someday, after @Mmysblushingbaby and I get settled in the same place, I want to drag her along on a motorcycle adventure across the country. Maybe we could visit people, if we still have so many fans when that happens.

I CANT EVEN FORM WORDS 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 (happy crying don’t worry)

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It’s too early to be a person, where the monsters at?

Thinking about kissing a girl. That girls name? The girl writing this.

*dramatically takes off shirt*
I’m gay.
*cop show noise*

feeeeeeeeeling lonely. Tell me nice things? Flirt with me? something???

My constant mood is either ready to love or ready to fight. And it’s not based on anything, it’s just a wheel of fortune and you’re either a winner or loser

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