I’m so over my life. Everything is a freaking struggle.


I’m so in love with @wordscanbesexy

I’m being super gay and swoony about how wonderful she is.

Cute date idea: you ask me out and then take me on a cute date.

Do you ever just look at your bank account and immediately just wish you were like a sea cucumber or something

Hiiiii, I’m moody. Wanna go on a date? Or fight? Or whatever?


i want to do unspeakable things to you. Truly Unspeakable. You will never be able to tell the story because you cannot form the words.

also, all of you should have a crush on me

Meet me at nook’s cranny in 15 minutes for an ass kicking

I’m consistently amazed about how many matches I get on tinder. Someone must be punkin’ me.

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