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Mnemonic Light

moving on over to @MnemonicLight for the time being so if you wanna follow me there go for it!

Or are they called instances

I don't know anymore

Hmm I should probably join one of those fediverses

I'm so out of the loop these days, what's going on, y'all?


In the following year my knowledge of future funk and chiptune have grown and now my spotify is just a mixture of numerous indie bands ranging from Slime girls, Ghost Data, Shit Robot and She.

I really need to use Mastodon more

Someone make me into a robot already

I want to flirt with cute furries

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In the new Divinity game you can play as a skeleton

There better be a insta-death conversation option where you accidentally think too much

Seriously, why are almost every fantasy city builder the same boring european-themed human centric crap.

Game idea

City builder with an rts/rpg component but instead of humans you play as a tribe of Orcs and you build a huge Orc city from the ground up. Also you can choose to be good and try to live peacefully or go the cliche route and be raiders/conquerors

Tech writer: mastodon will never kill twitter

Mastodon users: meh, that's okay, all I ever really wanted was a place where I wouldn't be relentlessly attacked by nazis, ads or nazi ads

Tech writer: and therefore Mastodon sucks and is doomed to perpetual failure

Mastodon users: maybe you want to double-check your metrics of success, bud

Tech writer: dooooooooooooooooomed!