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Mnemonic Light @MnemonicLight

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Reminder that Little Witch Academia has an episode around magic communism

@bunnylyn Pancake is a really good name for a cat

Pet wolves
Pet foxes
Pet bats
Pet squirrels


@plsburydoughboy Let's not forget some of the Feminist Frequency people often retweeted terfs and were supportive of terfs.

@MochiWaifu Please tell me you've seen the endless tournament and horse kings

@MochiWaifu Talk about lame for not playing electro swing with any sax parts replaced with the death sound from Crusader Kings 2 being spammed

Also I think Utopia is like, the actual first Paradox expansion for their new games where new music wasn't locked behind a content pack.

The Stellaris devs have been doing a good job not being like the CK2 and EU4 devs

@KitRedgrave Ringworlds, dysons sphere, orbital habitats, factions, synthetic alien empire ohmy

I said this before, I'll say it again, Utopia is the best expansion Paradox has made for a game. They just need to get rid of the stupid "One megastructure at a time" limit but otherwise the expansion adds soooooooooooo much more life to Stellaris.

The girl foxes from this mod are so cute but I love that even the guy foxes in Stellaris look androgynous