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Mnemonic Light @MnemonicLight

"Wow finally my connection is stable enough to play ESO!"

*An hour later server goes down*


I'd watch an entire season that is just more pro-bending stuff

I'm watching Korra again since it's on Amazon Prime and I just wish bending was a thing.

When is the live action extremely gay Yuri on Ice movie

I'm remembering City of Heroes and I just remember how incredible it's world building was. Like you could actively see villains recruiting in the streets.

..Is it legal to raise crows?

Can I own a flock of crows that will fight for me?

Shadow of Mordor 2 more like

Shadow of More Orcs

@kyra I was honestly surprised how well it's doing in Japan, I didn't expect Mastodon to blow up there

Oh wait oh more newbie tips

anime avatars aren't Nazis/MRA/trash here! they just like anime!

right fucking now is the best time and possibly our last chance to drive a stake into the heart of capitalism, boost if you agree

@Efi Oh wow, yea a lot of games are doing that these days. Banished, Folktales, Starpoint Gemini Warlords, Starbound, etc etc

Does anyone have moments where they feel shorter than they actually are?

For those who don't know me, hi I'm a huge Bethesda fan. Now I know what you may thing "Oh you're bias" I'm actually not.

Stuff like this frustrates me and hurts my love for the company, I love Bethesda's games but I will call trash when I see trash and this system is too vague to be anything but trash