@chrisrutherford yeah, there's definitely some areas it could be improved, but I'm excited for a social media site that's responding to the needs of community instead of the needs of a corporation

@chrisrutherford well so far, you can import the accounts you follow, but not the accounts that follow you. Those you have to earn back

Boost if you think Mastodon should allow you to import your toots across instances, reply if you know who to talk to about doing that, ignore if you poop your pants every DAY

Helpful mastodon friends, can you link me to a 101 explainer on instances and federation? Please don’t just reply with an explanation for now, I want to read something first for background and then ask more specific questions.

Good morning friends, I want you to know that when I wake up before my partner and get out of bed my dog does a mini welcome home dance to welcome me back to the waking world and it’s the cutest thing.

mental health 

@talialavin that sucks! best of luck and hang in there!

Poop, 9/11 

No, I most definitely did not say “I have to take a shit the size of ground zero”, what a weird thing to ask!!!!

Selfie, eye contact, the evil power master 

Everyone really likes my shirt!

Todd's Hog?

*lights cigarette, inhales, blows out smoke*

I haven't heard that name in years

work complaining, mental health, drug and alcohol mention, suicide and homicide mention 

@gingerrroot This sucks and I'm sorry you're going through it. Mental health care has so many access problems. It's infinitely frustrating not being able to reach treatment, I imagine it would help people to hear it's hard for people with training not be able to reach others

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