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VerBunny ✨🤺 @MochiWaifu

@theoutrider @bentosmile It has to be! Wet Floor would 100% be signed to Tower Records!

Salmon run is pretty cool! Lots of different boss types which is fun! Already got this months gear though, you earn points relatively fast. :o

@grime_witch stay strong!! :(
at the very least, you get a really cool reverse cover with the physical copy!

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first piece of gear that i ordered using the smartphone app, it's a nice feature tbh and it seems it doesn't have any delays like ordering ingame has

@grime_witch like really gently though
with me looking at them quite sad

25 minutes for a 3gb download

nintendo... please.

@Nine @Fenreliania I wish I had that much knowledge about hardware, i would build cool stuff thoo :D

Aww, okay. :3
If you're still interested though, some software solutions seem to work great:

@Fenreliania @Nine Anamanaguchi are so good
I don't know how they do it but you could either get a converter from analog to midi (those are mostly ehhh though) or just get a midi guitar, although that would probably feel off because it doesn't have any strings!