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Usagi-Hime🐇 @MochiWaifu

Hm, can't concentrate on "work" and I'm hungry, so .... time to play a video game

@Fenreliania I had some more ideas for it originally but they would make things a lot bigger and ehhhh. But yeah I do wanna at least finish it even if it ends being a tiny 2 minute sandbox game, so that's a "good" decision I think.

The bad thing: I have lost the motivation to work on this, mostly because it wasn't planned well enough so now I don't have all that much gameplay in it. Will probably finish decorating the outside, maybe adding 1 more tiny puzzle and then start making an interior for this house with a puzzle or two and just call it finished, maybe just push a WebGL build.

Okay, actual baking light in Unity for this works fine with the auto generated lightmaps AND it brings back the detail in the shadows that I was missing so I'm gonna use it. Still dislike how slow it is compared to UE4's lightmass but hey, at least I don't really need to check lighting till the very end so it doesn't matter for now.

Maybe I should have bough Black Desert instead of that CS:GO Operation... hm ;_;

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@Efi I'll try to pull them back up for you :3

@bunnylyn @Efi You can't stop me!!! I'll download as many Efi as I want

@Efi *insert link to last nights toot on my lewd account*

@Efi Do you really think that would stop me?

@Efi buy me a 3d printer and also get me a scan of you and I will