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VerBunny ✨🤺 @MochiWaifu

It's around 35°c today and it's bad. Really, frigging bad.

do i bite the bullet and upgrade to a non stable build of blender?

i do really want that principled bsdf shader...

@chosafine oh yeah, but I don't think that one let you search for emoji. The newest insider build updates the new panel to have a search, kinda like the emoji box on mastodon! It's neat. I think it's how apple does it too? Haven't used my macbook in a while though.

woah, windows 10 insider builds have an actual emoji panel you can pop up now. sadly it's a) insider so moooonths away and b) currently only works with en-us layouts.
this is a feature i do really want though. would be much better than having to google for emoji everytime

@bunnylyn @Fenreliania I really want a dreamcast because I never got to see one IRL and a friend of mine loves it, so I wanna see what it's all about. Plus, Hello kitty is goooood. And it's pink. And cute. and translucent. ah....

@bunnylyn @Fenreliania Found one that has no box but otherwise it has everything including VMUs and keyboard, for 300€

@bunnylyn @Fenreliania not thaaaat expensive. I think around 400€? which is ... relatively cheap considering it has EVERYTHING (even the japanese keyboard) and is fully boxed. but far far too expensive for me.

@Fenreliania i still want it so badly. a fully boxed one pops up on ebay from time to time but it's just far too expensive for me :(

@Fabi i'll use my trusty frying pan, as a cooling fan

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Sudden urge to buy a harmonica again

@chosafine I'm sad that all of them are so closed off, because they lack so much. If only they gave devs some freedom to work with them. :(

I wonder if you can get the talking version of vocaloid somehow. I know it's not sold anymore officially but nintendo (For example) used it for certain games so it does still exist

@chosafine Yeah!! I'm just very sceptic about it, although I would love to be surprised once it actually comes out. And for now, I would be satisfied if it's just an "app" on my computer & phone, although holograms or special purpose displays later on are ideal!

I wish personal assistants where smarter. And also, I want them to be more visual, like... a cute anime girl? I'm trash but that's what I want from technology in the next few years.

@Fidgetcetera the xbox one controller is actually pretty weak if you can use both inside motors AND the 2 impulse trigger motors

don't ask me how i know