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Ultimate Halloween Pal @MochiWaifu@mastodon.social

oh yeah new style boutique 3 got a demo today so i have a reason to use my 3ds

(i know unity docs state i should disable vsync count but it makes no difference, i tested it.)

Hot take: Bahnschrift (microsoft's new font) looks really really good.

casually thinking about how at one point in my life i was a normal teenager

spent all day outside skateboarding and stuff

and now look at me ;_;

wait, depth is not an HEIF feature? apple just stores depth in the alpha?

i could do that without the format. hm. why didn't it occur to me before

so, photoshop cc 2018 can get depth info from HEIF files (what the new iPhone does basically)

... do i try and rewrite reshade to give me HEIF support? hmmmmm

photoshop cc 2018 actually has a ton of useful new stuff, i didn't expect it. the other new releases always had stuff that didn't matter for me

it's just 30 seconds shadowplay, and only a few nintendo games but it's a start!!! very likely means they're gonna work on it. i didn't expect this at all!

last one for tonight
i wish i had more/better glamour or just a bunch of friends on this server for some variety mastodon.social/media/04Ogf-WQ

see? works perfect now, no more artifacts around moving things. (added lens blur in PS using the depth info) mastodon.social/media/fiaTWr9Y mastodon.social/media/93z9q-BM

awww yeah

i got it to work!
i now got my own custom version of reshade which will give me two screenshots, one with and one without effects
and they're frame perfect <3