uff. tried out splitscreen in portable mode and this is incredibly rough. cannot even read nameplates...

jesus mastodon.social/media/BgZX83QS

camera stuff 

like look at this those nodes are like ... 1km away from each other and for some reason i get like 9000ms of ping? and the routes after that just straight up never connect according to tracert :< mastodon.social/media/F_ymy3KX

using DSR made my firefox go "OMG OMG OMG 4K LETS SWAP DPI"

but it did not change back once i reverted my ingame settings

i hate modern software mastodon.social/media/bPVKV_S9

i don't know why but at seemingly random parts (mostly when tabbing out and in again) ffxiv will now start to cap itself at 30fps and it's very unsmooth and i don't know why this is happening. it's incredibly annoying. :| mastodon.social/media/cT6oDmQm

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