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today i learned: discord's internal name for servers is "guilds"

i nearly forgot that polkadot stingray released a new album

job talk 

sometimes i wonder if i should have tried to pursue photography as a job thingy but

i think it's hard to make money with that? and I don't really like studio photography at all
i want to be free.
i guess street fashion kinda photography would work but like, it's a) hard to find a job and b) my social anxiety would kill me twice on the first day

i feel like buying games these days is just kinda disappointing? i spend money on them, enjoy them for a couple of hours and then never touch them anymore and it's ehh.
(generally, i mean, there are still games that i do enjoy for a longer while)

ahh, i just can't decide...
games... or camera stuff ... or something completely different...

what do taylor swifts new album abd CJR's emotion have in common? 

i really don't wanna listen to either of them

camera stuff 

i couuuuld stick with my original plan and upgrade my 30mm to the new 30mm F1.4

which is super cheap if you consider it beats out lenses 4 times as pricey in terms of sharpness

but it's slightly above my budget and i would have to beg my parents to be a bit nicer to me for christmas...

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camera stuff 

i could get a used 28-70 for relatively cheap

that would mean i would have a compatible fullframe lens IF i do get an alpha 7 next year

but F3.5 - F5.6 is just unusable for me
plus 28 on my current camera would be equivalent to 42mm which isn't all that nice for an allround zoom

*keeps looking at cameras i can't afford*

feels bad why do i do this to myself

ASCII knife/sword 

║▒\ *SWING*
║░▒║ *SWING*
║░▒║ exterior like fisheggs

i just went to the bathroom and leaned out of the window a bit, only to smell the faint smell of something burning in the distance

not sure if good but i can't hear or see anything
maybe it's someone's heater or whatever


that second coffee might have been a bad idea

a bit too much energy omg


i told my mom i wanted to try making my own mocha after i come out of the shower (because of my lactose intolerance and the premade capsules don't come in lactose free versions)

i come out of my shower and she had already made one for me with the powder we bought earlier and some bread ;_; uwu

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