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Everyone, don't fret
you don't even need that bot because
your fursona has always been a part of you already, you just have to look into yourself

Cute bunnies in maid outfits serving you coffee

Boost if you agree

oh, some toots aren't even federating to this place anymore

with flagship being so slow and unusable right now

maybe it's time to finally switch to another instance

just maybe though

If only all the stuff in my room was worth more

I would consider selling most of my stuff so i could get an A7...

camera stuff 

oh, turns out all the positive comments and reviews were wrong actually and i was right

my kit lens IS incredibly weak in terms of sharpness according to dxomark

so i don't have a broken one, i just have an average one, they just suck that much after all. kinda good to know, because I can use it to justify buying the 2870 B) B) B)

I wish I could just take some more photos and try and see if i can change something in my style, but basically all of my good photos have my cute friends in them

they only work because they're that cute i guess

this is my style, i guess.

all of my friends live far away though so i can't really hang out with any of them right now to take some pics, which is sad

maybe i SHOULD get the 28-70

i think that maybe only ever using the 30mm is just hindering me at this point. i need to deviate from my norm and get out of my comfort zone to grow, maybe?

art is hard my friends

then again, i don't actually know any photographers that i like, enjoy? not by name i mean

i think i should try and find some people whose works i enjoy and try to figure out what makes their stuff good

been looking at my photos from this and last year and ah... there are a few ones I like, still but most are just ehh and i have no clue how to improve anymore

i actually feel like with some, i took a step back

wish i had a better sense for composition etc

still kinda want an xbox one x solely to play skate 3 in 4k

i don't even have a 4k tv or screen

we want skate 4

is what i would say if ea in 2017 wasn't ... the way they are

psp, music piracy 

i just remembered a memory from many years ago

i had a friend over and we were already in bed, but my friend was like "hey, i wanna listen to mambo nr 5"

that was back in the day when the PSP was still new and smartphones didn't really exist so
we spent at least an hour if not longer trying to find a free .mp3 download link to that song on my PSP

it took forever and it was the most gruesome task but i think in the end we managed to succeed

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