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Mogsie boosted the most annoying part about you blocking instances is the amount of users of your instance that have absolutely no idea you even block instances

I still don't think I understand Mastodon .. I see some people's replies to others in public, but not mine .. do I have to label every reply as not public? *CONFUSED FACE*

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This has got to be some of the most transparent class-war tactics I've ever seen. I think China has something similair already, but more formalized via social credit points.

Ooops. Snowed in and running out of coal .. small wood stash will work for maybe one or two nights. Anddd theyyyyn?

PS. A lot of you need to stop being so damn hard on yourselves. The rest of the world will crap on you quite happily, you don't need to help it along.


(An ode to social networks, not an inspiration to suicide)

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I still don't grok why people love "Metro" style flat themes. Trying to grab a window border involves hovering over 2 pixels, and a flat terminal over a flat terminal is just a slab of one colour .. no border to grab!

Progress or too many videos I'll never watch?

I remember when a 20gb hard drive was "WOW" and here I am wishing I had a few more spare Terabytes now :/

An obstruction of cats.
<Better collective nouns>

Another day , another bot needed.

Better yet .. could anyone tell me how they found the JulianAssange twitter account being fed in to the mastodon / fediverse?

Has anyone found a link to the JulianAssange account being fed into the mastodon / federated thingy? Thanks!

In other news, for the 4th time this winter, I'm snowed in \o/ .. which is both a lovely feeling and really annoying. Luckily I had a fridge full of beer already.

Changed the kitchen server over to MX Linux on a whim. Seems ok. (Yes, it's a server in my kitchen)

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Thousands of years ago, I ventured into the jungles of Venezuela to find the Toto man and recover the lost treasure of my kingdom, the Obsidian Hitachi Wand

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Can there be a site like LinkedIn but where you don’t have to pretend that capitalism is good?