The road to fixing the problems afflicting me began day before yesterday. Glad to be taking this road, which will help to fix me permanently. I am hopeful, I will overcome the wrongs committed and become a better person in the next few months.

On Twitter, you have to be angry. On Instagram, you have to be naked.

Arnab Goswami is so loud that my Google Assistant has started responding to him.

Uhm, didn't see that coming (totally did):

The Wire messenger changed ownership in July, didn't really notify anyone as per their own privacy policy, and now belongs to a US entity called "Wire Group Holdings":

Not sure how I feel about that (totally do).

Finished my 22nd book yesterday which was about the remarkable rise and fall of the Nizams of Hyderabad, quite an amazing read.

When your fate is sealed it is better to accept and move on. Difficult thing to do but not improbable.

‪Wish there was an eloquence in those dispatches sent from my heart.‬

Those magical moments spent in the confines of your heart and to experience your laughters in your presence is so reassuring. I never knew what happiness actually meant, to know and feel it now makes me realize what was amiss in my life.

The heart learns to sacrifice, render its feelings and give in to the losses it suffers. Life’s twists are strange, the tales our heart strings together leaves us stunned. It endures, perseveres and struggles to ensure the presence of the person it madly loves. However, fate has something else destined for us, why does love and feelings end up being immolated on the altar? Are we supposed to letting ourselves be pummeled and burdened with regrets to the point of no return?

“I cannot gasp the significance of your absence and distance from me. It bleeds my heart and soul. It is like getting extinguished in hell for the hurt caused.”

To eulogize your memories, the affection and love that you hold for me will forever be embedded in my heart and soul, irrespective of whatever the outcome.

So many disputes within rendered obsolete by your entrance in my life, will always live on as beautiful memories.

The fears that pang my heart about the prospect of losing you bleed me from within.

It's time to strengthen the like minded secular people and come out more vocally against fascists. They will get more vocal and shrill now. They will try to drown the cries on economy and agrarian crisis. Don't back down.

Alibaba has extended its investment banking syndicate as it works towards a $10 billion to $15 billion listing in Hong Kong at the end of the month, according to three sources with direct knowledge of the matter.

Seeds of happiness planted in our heart help us to prosper thanks to the love and affection of that special person is such a pleasant feeling.

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