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Things must be dire if Doval has pulled out his hoary old chestnut. Fact @TimesNow reports this garbage but @timesofindia never prints it. No takers for lies in print? twitter.com/timesnow/status/13

It is quite audacious that Nirmala Sitharaman evoke "Act of God" excuse after doing the "Act of Loot" on all Indians by raising fuel tax & sweeping a brute major portion of it Centre's kitty as cess!

No amount of money is enough to meet the opulence of the Emperor!!

It would’ve been better if spent taxpayers money and time to build more exam centres and transport facilities so that students don’t have to suffer. But who can expect intelligence from a gifted fool?

How confirmed cases and deaths are co-related, look at this graph...deaths are plotted in the secondary y-axis.

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Gotham’s iconic mental hospital- ARKHAM- has refused to treat 🤪

I created a new account 2 hours ago and Twitter has locked it for 12 hrs even though I haven’t tweeted anything. They somehow get a clue that it’s the same person. How ????? @Bhavika @vikram

Interesting story. Ex-CJI Venkatramaih told Kuldeep Nayar that many judges owed their appointment to "lavish parties and whisky bottles".
Bombay HC refused to take contempt saying 'As long as you are upright, don't care if your shadow is crooked': livelaw.in/top-stories/story-o

@Bhavika @asifrahman @vikram this is what Twitter has mailed me. Read the last para. They say that if I try to bypass Twitter and create a new account they will suspend that also. I don’t understand how they identified me even though I used a different id & phone number.

Good Morning to all and special greetings to you @Bhavika . Twitter has finally forced me to switch to Mastodon

101 days of lockdown in Kashmir. With the clampdown has further strengthened. Why have we accepted the illegal annexation of ? Why ?

Any clue where is now a days ? It's been a long time since he gave any interview or wrote editorials. I dearly miss reading his views.

₹2000 for easier storage of cash in Shah empire

Was the only PLANNED maqsad of #DeMonetisationDisaster

Too embarrassing to do it without rigmarole of banning something to introduce something else

In the process if all Indians suffered & 100++ died, who cares? Not MoSha.

Which detective you find more intriguing ?😉

Mr Ray Dalio is the latest victim to be hoodwinked by the greatest con artist of 21st century- . His statements comes at a time when nation is mourning the 3rd anniversary of .

All I can say is "None can alter fate whose doom has arrived".

While we mourn just one of the stories from .

Over 60k students in various coaching centres navigate unrest. As coaching centres move to Ambala,some can't afford the move, others struggle with other constraints.
Do you feel their collective anxiety?

Collective punishment.
War crime.


My condolences to the victims of that uneventful day who were dumped into the pit of miseries and unimaginable sorrows😢 . One stupidity of Modi killed uncountable poor, wiped of poor & siphoned of billions of ₹₹ in seconds.

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I am on Mastodon @omprasad. Let @Twitter@twitter.com @TwitterIndia@twitter.com @jack@twitter.com know that if it will not punish hate speech, suppress progressive voices, be opaque about whom it give blue ticks and generally suck up to Sangh, we will ditch it. It can have fun with the trolls alone.

for tonight 👇🏻

Maine Kaha Hypocrisy Ki Bhi Seema Hoti Hai 😂

Twitter is on the last stage. Time to lay garland upon it and bid adieu. Once again another layoff will occur due to their own misdoings. 🇮🇳

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