My favourite privacy tool is my:

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@Mojeek None of the above. These are not privacy tools, they're attack vectors. In the tool kit, critical-thinking is number 1, followed by sensible evolving security practices and some trusted browser plug-ins. ;)

@unflocked use your brain to protect you, not a service, love it! Which plug-ins are you running?

@Mojeek Just the essentials: HTTPS Everywhere, NoScript, Privacy Badger, Ublock Origin.

(In addition: Good browsing habits, almost no sharing of data with AmaGooFace et al, minimal "social" activity and using a privacy respecting search engine! Tools need using correctly and no security measure is as easy as "install and forget".)

The Internet is not a mall or a boutique, it's a warzone and knowing this helps to navigate it with appropriate care and seriousness.

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