Search engine misinformation?

Feedback is always welcome and sometimes it's too good to not highlight:

"Obviously Mojeek, despite what it pretends, is controlled by google and other censors. They don't want the truth to come through. You want to play censorship, ok, I'll boycott you"

How about other search engines?

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Please fix the search engine results, they are consistently poor. How to recommend to colleagues without losing credibility?

@mastodonr Every day we crawl more and more, but it's a lot of work. Bing currently have an index of 11bn and people often complain about the quality of their results; we're sitting at 3bn. We have the money to keep on crawling, and we're working on how results display, but it's not a quick fix 😀

OK, understood and thanks for the reply. Perhaps the answer is technical collaboration with others, some sort of "fedi" search with 'startpage', 'gigablast', 'searx', etc..

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