Five reasons to use Mojeek:

1️⃣ The only privacy-oriented Web search engine 🌎 🕷 🕸

2️⃣ The only English-language Web search engine that’s not based in Russia or USA 🇷🇺 🇺🇸

3️⃣ One gatekeeper for the Web is harmful 🕵️‍♂️ 🏰

4️⃣ Green data centre and shared values investors 🌍 🤑

5️⃣ We don’t track you but we do want to interact 📊 👂

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@Mojeek great that you are doing this, but aren't Qwant privacy-orented, and based in Europe?

@markhughes good question.

Qwant uses Bing.

They never disclose how much but tests we have done indicate substantially.

@markhughes we passed 3 billion pages in April: and we're now looking at a very good year for growth in 2021.

Watch this space.

@Mojeek They are both privacy oriented and not based in USA or Russia though. So I think the first two points are misleading - the difference is which index they're using.

I'm all for what you're doing, just clarifying those first two points.

@markhughes a search engine is an entity which has its own index / has crawled and indexed the Web. A metasearch engine has not done this work:

Qwant is mentioned in the Advantages section of the linked page also.

@Mojeek I understand now that you've clarified, but few reading will understand this distinction. Which means people are likely to be misled by the first two points on your toot. Do you agree?

@markhughes the linked article starts:

"This one might surprise many of you. You might be saying “What about DuckDuckGo or Startpage?” Well, technically speaking these aren’t search engines at all, they are metasearch engines as they get their organic results from another mainstream engine (most of them from Bing and a small number from Google)"

Those who don't have that context can raise a question, as you have, and we are more than happy to explain the difference, as we have in the article.

@Mojeek as you must know, only a very small percentage of those who read your toot will visit the link or ask a question.

So again, do you think it is ok to mislead those people?

You aren't building trust in that toot or these responses.

@markhughes it's not OK to mislead. And your are points are well made. Thank you.

It would have been clearer to say "the only privacy-oriented Web search engine that crawls and indexes independently".

Brevity is, of course, a filter encouraged and needed in social media

@Mojeek glad you agree, and yes that would be clear. Good luck.

Some subjective feedback in general about search, as I've not tried Mojeek yet.

I value privacy, accuracy and to the point UI yet products tend to start well and then fail by trying to push new features on us. It's why I stopped using Qwant. Lately DDGo are doing the same. Hope you'll be different.

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