EnD-tO-eNd eNCrypTed whaTsapP mEssAgeS

@isi @Mojeek sure they know, they just redefine where one of the ends is :blobcatgoogly:
@Mojeek how is that even e2e and are they liable for false advertisment on that

@Meeper @Mojeek It's encrypted between you and the facebook server but the facebook server copies it and redirects it to the contact you want it to have the message , and ofc facebook so they can analyze it and ofc now google. It's so simple bruh e2e encryption , geez. I don't know how people don't get this. that's security 101 🤣

@cybernomad @Mojeek that's not what e2ee means even zoom got into fire about lying about it.

If they specified it to be otherwise it would have be an immediate red flag, and in the general consideration it means that the message is only decrypted when it reaches the receiveing device

@Meeper @Mojeek ik, but I was just joking around XD. tbh It's facebook and google, idk what people expect from them , respecting their data ?? pfft.

@Meeper @Mojeek @cybernomad
I think it is e2e encrypted, and what the article refers to is that WhatsApp by default uploads unencrypted backups of all the chats to Google Drive.
It is not enough to deactivate it in your account because the contact you are chatting with may have it activated.
To use WhatsApp "safely" (assuming there aren't vulnerabilities that compromise whole devices as there have been) you would need all your contacts to deactivate the Google drive backups.

@LocoMuyLoco @Meeper @Mojeek Really, 😦 That's really many end points to protect for your just chat messages ,too much hassle. btw I never used whatsapp but that's fucked up.

@cybernomad @Meeper @Mojeek Not sure if you're joking, but in case you aren't, that's not accurate. At this point, it's unclear what this allegation refers to specifically.

@pingviini @Meeper @Mojeek I was joking , I was hoping that "🤣" emoji would help identify that it was a joke but I guess it didn't, next time I will add 'jk' to it.

@cybernomad @Meeper @Mojeek Sorry. I'm just so burned out from seeing basic infosec/privacy stuff discussed casually on social media with just the wildest nonsense thrown around, I'm almost never sure now.


@pingviini @Meeper @Mojeek 👀 what's about that birdsite thread that makes it dumb. not jk unfortunately.

@cybernomad @Meeper @Mojeek Every single assertion is wrong, every conclusion drawn is a leap. The whole you-get-ads-from-talking-about-products-near-your-phone thing is a creepy-pasta meme now. People have largely given up trying to understand their devices.

@pingviini @Meeper @Mojeek Yeah, People tend to take the closest conclusion they can make rather than thinking about it. Because if you think of it, any product anyone is going to buy , they'll probably search it online and mostly they'll use google to do that + all the tracking technology on the sites.
But that's like too complicated for them, "The phones are listening to us thing" is way easier to them.

@pingviini lol , I know this post is old but vox just released a video about smart speakers that's nice to suggest to people who aren't well oriented around security. But still it doesn't debunk the myth of "the speakers always are listening on us"

@Meeper @Mojeek It is true that all messages are encrypted in between phones (and no one can intercept them while it is in transit), but WhatsApp by default also "backs up" your messages into GDrive :02lurk:
So yeah, it's e2ee in the strictest literal definition of it, but it's probably not what people expect when they hear the term~

@a1batross @Mojeek is that about unencrypted backups to Google, which are the only way do backup messages?

@Mojeek btw, I believe that walkie talkies are way better at end to end encryption than this. Give them a try.

@Mojeek Because of this, I mean after I found out, I made sure to make my messages about "Hoodley Hoo. Hoodley Hoo."

What in the world is a "Hoodley Hoo" you ask, that's what Google wants to know.

Also to Googs are curious because I have accounts associated with the Swiss, CERN.

@Mojeek WhatsApp was acquired in February 2014, announced plans for E2EE in November 2014, and finished implementing it in April 2016. This agreement was in 2015, while they were still working on it and were still passing messages in cleartext.

@Mojeek Yeah. Then saved on the ends and backed up in plain text.

@Mojeek but everybody keeps saying "don't use Telegram because messages there are not end-to-end encrypted by default; use Whatsapp instead" 🤷‍♀️

@Mojeek Something to be noted is that WhatsApp turned end-to-end encryption on by default only in 2016, this alone means the e2ee mention in that document doesn’t make much sense. Furthermore it appears the document was actually referring to WhatsApp’s backup feature, which as problematic as it is doesn’t mean WA messages are not e2e encrypted while they are sent or received. Maybe check your facts next time?

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