@Mojeek I wondered, Google and Bing both have an image search that selects Creative Commons images, but none of the privacy-focused search engines (including you) do: what is the reason? Is there an issue there that compromises privacy? Does it require the resources of a massive tech company to do it? This isn't a criticism per sé, but the feature would be nice to have as it is useful.


@dheadshot Even if it was a criticism then we would welcome it, too few engines actually listen to the people who make use of their services! We're actually currently reviewing our provision of image search and this is a consideration for that. The real answer is that we have been focussed on our index/regular organic results for a while, adding images was done quickly, and due to requests from people using Mojeek. We've realised recently (from feedback) that we need to improve that offering.

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