Search engines are our main navigators to useful information on the Web, and yet very few people understand the work that goes into building a large-scale general search engine.

Let's change that... 🔍

@Mojeek sometimes I use Google because search in google is better than search in Amazon :-) i feel like ninety five percent of the time In use Google it's just lazyness.


@DaddyR we've written in the past about how **some** browsers can make it easy to get into the habit of flipping between search engines. It can give you informational superpowers :D

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@Mojeek @DaddyR DDG's Bang are an amazing feature for that. It is also possible on FF (i haven't tested on chrome) to set custom keywords for search engones, which enable easily switching between search engines.

@dreeg @DaddyR the keywords are the method we cover here. It's very, very easy once you've used it for a while, just "m" then search, "q" then search, as you please 😀

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