@da Cheers for this by way of a suggestion, it's something that we are definitely going to look into. If you've got anything else then we're all ears!

@da Our mistake; it's not just the %20 encoding, it's the use of quotes which is hitting our bot blocker for some queries. We're constantly working to update our ability to block bots and are looking at better ways of doing this going forwards. Also, we've not witnessed Firefox encoding that way before and we use it with the opensearch plugin.

@da the issue here is one of URL encoding, it's the spaces as %20 instead of + that results in the 403. Is the browser Vivaldi ?

We had someone raise this with them here: forum.vivaldi.net/post/392197 and it's something we for sure are very interested in getting fixed.

@dreeg @DaddyR the keywords are the method we cover here. It's very, very easy once you've used it for a while, just "m" then search, "q" then search, as you please 😀

@DaddyR we've written in the past about how **some** browsers can make it easy to get into the habit of flipping between search engines. It can give you informational superpowers :D


Search engines are our main navigators to useful information on the Web, and yet very few people understand the work that goes into building a large-scale general search engine.

Let's change that... 🔍


@da Hey Daniel, any chance you could send us what you're searching for via: mojeek.com/about/contact so we can check it out? No worries if not

@aaravchen @jawsh @kev @werwolf DDG is Bing + Yandex; we actually maintain a resource here that illustrates it all with a nice visual searchenginemap.com/

And @jawsh, thanks for your support 🙏

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Looking for ways to support us? We are searching for some UX testers to help us identify ways to make the world's alternative search engine even better.

If you'd be happy to give some of your time, you can get in contact using the form linked below.


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Instagram for kids is a truly bad idea, also in regards to privacy: vox.com/recode/22385570/instag

If your kids need to communicate online, better make them familiar with privacy-friendly alternatives! tutanota.com/blog/posts/how-to

@lord we've been waiting a good long while for them 😀

Today is great because...
a. ...it's a Friday
b. ...we have new servers 🙌

We talk a lot about the Big Tech surveillance capitalists, but what about "the unchecked middlemen of surveillance capitalism?"

From the doxxing, to the lobbying, to the labeling, an industry that is rotten to the core.


Web Monetization is a JavaScript browser API that allows the creation of a payment stream from the user agent to the website.

This proposed W3C standard is now live on Mojeek; you can read more on our blog: blog.mojeek.com/2021/04/web-mo

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We shouldn’t have had to go to court. For a year, we’ve been fighting legal battles over the British government’s secretive NHS data deals with controversial ‘spy tech’ firm Palantir.

Today, we can announce an important victory.


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