@Tutanota We remember , Google lost its way a long time ago, but luckily we have yourselves, OpenStreetMap, Tor, and others not being evil in their place 😀

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Next Friday, December 11, Edward Snowden will host Tor’s third PrivChat, a fundraising livestream event and conversation with human rights defenders + real-life Tor users Alison Macrina, Ramy Raoof, Berhan Taye.

You're invited, so set your reminder: torproject.org/privchat/

Donate: torproject.org/donate/donate-u

@Wetrix @gray 🙏 thanks for checking us out! Guess the Lemmy app will come with time, after having looked at the conversations and topics it looks like a great place to hang out.

@gray @Wetrix still going strong with a new delivery of servers on the very close horizon.

Forgive us for our ignorance, but Lemmy looks cool as hell! Going to get set up there soon :D

A former Verizon Communications in-house lawyer who undertook his job as FCC chair as if he was still a Verizon Communications in-house laywer.

Bye Ajit Pai, you will not be missed.


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Good morning.

Ajit Pai is leaving the FCC on January 20th.

We are blessed.


@LiziPancake a job that is worth doing is always worth doing right. An as you said, you're going to have fun with doing it.


Hello, we're currently looking into this and evaluating it on the basis of utilty for people (whilst avoiding problems which could happen around adversarial information retrieval etc.)

At the moment our main focus is on getting a lot of new servers set up to increase the size of Mojeek's index, but rest assured that we have this topic in mind.

@JayVii_de No worries at all! Basically our philosophy with tools that we use to work is to start with the question "can we find some OSS that we can self host in order to do the job?"

@JayVii_de To give an answer that doesn't require clicking a link: Nextcloud, Zulip, Jitsi, GitLab, Thunderbird are the main ones we interact with regularly. Some of the team also will work from linux machines, especially our founder, Marc, who I believe has been on Debian for longer than he can remember!

@JayVii_de of course! We're always very happy to talk about FOSS/OSS tools, we actually wrote something when the pandemic kicked off to list them out and try and give people some options when it comes to collaboration without filling the pockets of Zoom, Slack etc.


@apathetic_bystander been cycling through different distros in order to try and find which one is best, found battery to be an issue pretty much regardless of choice. Great minds are working on it though! Plasma Post was alright to my recollection, still pretty early version with a lot of stuff being done to it.

@JayVii_de not perfect, but there is hope 😀

That Google development pace is something that really messes everything up 😔 there's a similar concentration of Google influence in search, sadly

For years now publishers have made the content, tech has made the money

"the dominance of ... big tech companies is leading to less innovation, higher advertising prices and less choice and control for consumers"

Hopefully that's going to change...

**Oh and also, boycott Black Friday, shop local ✊ **


# This will improve your privacy
> execute: install [another browser]

# Bye surveillance capitalist browser
> execute: delete Chrome


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