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Why getting paid for your data is a bad deal.

«#Privacy should not be a luxury. It should not be a bargaining chip. It should never have a price tag».


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In this panel discussion during Nextcloud Conference 2020
@fkarlitschek & @jancborchardt discussed the future of Nextcloud, answered your curious questions but also made you laugh! 🥰

If you missed it, all talks are now live - go and check them all!

Whilst people feel the pinch globally, Big Tech reports the latest in a string of enormous quarterly profits.

"Follow the money" is a catchphrase popularized by the 1976 for the film All the President's Men.

Right now, it's blindingly obvious that political and corporate corruption can be brought to light by examining sources of donations and investment.

Quite reasonably one of the most common questions we get at Mojeek is about our own sources of funding. It's a question we welcome and have been answering ad-hoc. Now we have put all the details into a longer explanation here.

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Does anyone know someone with experience in programming browser plugins? I have a small job for a programmer (~1-2 days): We need a very simple Firefox Plugin for a journalistic documentary about tracking. Just some simple javascript queries and output.

"[C]ompanies are put in a position, once they take traditional venture capital, to do unnatural things and grow in unnatural ways."

- Tim Kendall

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Apple's and Google's co-opetition: “Our vision is that we work as if we are one company”

Almost 50% of Google’s search traffic now comes from Apple devices

Google accounts for 14% to 21% of Apple’s annual profits (estimated $8 to $12 billion)

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Mojeek sounds good: "The alternative search engine that does what’s right, that values and respects your privacy, whilst providing its own unique and unbiased search results." - @Mojeek

Search is such a vital utility and how to create a search engine on a decentralised (not just federated) network is a regular topic in the Safe Network forum:
#decentralise #WebSearch #privacy #Mojeek

The value of behavioural ads has accrued to adtech rather than society. And perhaps even buyers and sellers. We're glad to see the EU is now moving against them.

"Whilst I knew that Mojeek has it's own independent index, I had no idea that it is the only actively developed search engine that does not track you." We put eight questions to Josh, our new Head of Marketing:

“A proposed Google web specification threatens to turn websites into inscrutable digital blobs that resist content blocking and code scrutiny, according to Peter Synder, senior privacy researcher at Brave Software”

via The Register

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Recently gave @Mojeek a try and I'm very impressed. Clustered domain results and automatic search term stripping on click thru. All without leveraging the heavily biased Google or Yahoo results as a back end.
If only they had easier date control of search results like Startpage.

"Mojeek: Search results independent of Google, Microsoft, and Yandex"

Check out this Q&A with our CEO Colin Hayhurst and independent & private browser Vivaldi on all things Mojeek: commitment to privacy, the field of search engines & exciting plans for the future.

“Google and Mozilla’s Firefox need one another. That was recently reaffirmed in the decision to extend their 2017 search partnership, which was set to expire this year...”

via Search Engine Land

“The basic problem is the mechanism failed to do what’s claimed on the tin. Which is to say EU people’s personal data is not safe as houses over there because US government security agencies have their hands in tech platforms’ cookie jars.”

via TechCrunch

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I was asked to help conduct this research & write a report on 'Privacy in the EU and US: Consumer experiences across three global platforms' reviewing Amazon, Netflix & Spotify. It's only scratched the surface I've mainly used Twitter to comment on it but intend to use Mastodon more

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Remember when a Google #search used to lead you somewhere?

Now it increasingly just keeps you on Google. In fact, Google results take up 62.6% of the first screen of search results in a sample of 15,000 searches.

#Google is building a walled garden that encompasses some of the most accessed information on the internet with no recourse for businesses who are suddenly finding themselves on the wrong side, cut off from their users.

#privacyMatters #searchengine

“American tech giants have long engaged in abusive behavior which is designed to stifle dissent and competition, and perpetuate their market dominance. We know this because we have quietly tolerated this exploitation for years...”

via @protonmail

“The country and government has seen the dangers of supporting overseas 5G technology. Another vulnerability exists in our dependence on search technology and services...”

The field of web search is changing. With growing attention over Google’s anti-competitive practices, and especially for Mojeek with Colin joining as CEO & big plans in place to battle the search giants.

Details in our press release:

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