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Are you interested in a federated alternative to Goodreads that doesn't use Amazon?

because I'm making a federated alternative to Goodreads that doesn't use Amazon

Works begins at the data centre on our expansion of servers in a new, and our own, room

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I'm starting a co-operative in Belfast, Northern Ireland. If anyone here knows anyone in that area who would be interested in that, please let them know. No money or special skills necessary, we only need your precious time.

Please signal boost :_earth:

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Huge , services outrage

A perfect moment to focus more on , to take full over your data. And people choose for its reliability👌too

Get demo now, or start right away with one of our partners services

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used this search string and compared results from #qwant #ecosia #disroot 's searx and #mojeek :

razer keyboard review

Mojeek won me as they suggested relevant and diverse websites about reviews and mechanical keyboards. Not the ign, windowscentral or rtings propaganda spit by google and bing on the other websites...

Still feel sad for #qwant. I want to love you guys so much (cocorico) but you're making it impossible !

What is our business model? Why should you trust us? How do we protect the privacy of the people who use Mojeek?

All these questions and more have been answered now, on our blog...


We're currently focussing on how we can make Mojeek the best search engine it possibly can be, and in order to do this we need you! Over the coming months we will be conducting short interviews with as many people who have used Mojeek as possible.

No specialist knowledge is required; you can tell us you're interested via the form below.

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Next Friday, December 11, Edward Snowden will host Tor’s third PrivChat, a fundraising livestream event and conversation with human rights defenders + real-life Tor users Alison Macrina, Ramy Raoof, Berhan Taye.

You're invited, so set your reminder:


A former Verizon Communications in-house lawyer who undertook his job as FCC chair as if he was still a Verizon Communications in-house laywer.

Bye Ajit Pai, you will not be missed.

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Good morning.

Ajit Pai is leaving the FCC on January 20th.

We are blessed.


For years now publishers have made the content, tech has made the money

"the dominance of ... big tech companies is leading to less innovation, higher advertising prices and less choice and control for consumers"

Hopefully that's going to change...

**Oh and also, boycott Black Friday, shop local ✊ **

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