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Got a call about a recall on some flour I bought in December. Pretty sure that ship has sailed.

7 yr old announced on return from school "I made my OWN cyberpunk named cybermunk. because it's a chipmunk."

I want to be clear that we haven't spoken that word out loud around him or mentioned the recent gross game.

I only came to listen to most pre-bebop jazz through its influence on the 70s avant garde. Most early stuff (Ellington excepted) didn't click with me until I'd read up on an artist and try to trace influences. As a result of that association, every time there's a minor dustup about free jazz & lineage or whatever I find myself remembering, like, early Lester Young and listening to antique music for a few days.


Someone just referred to an mp4 attached to a jira ticket as "a youtube"



There was a robin in the roof gutters angrily tossing wet leaves over the side.




Today I learned that the reason we mostly encode [CARRIAGE RETURN + LINE FEED] and not [LINE FEED + CARRIAGE RETURN] has to do with teletype machines (these were typewriters hooked up to computers that supported input and output). Because CR is moving the print head about 8 inches right-to-left, and LF is scrolling the paper down ~1/4", LF took less time. If you sent CR/LF to certain models of teletype it could do the LF *during* the CR, saving a little time.


Guy at the gym had what looked like a child's picture of a dinosaur tattooed on his shoulder.

Told him I liked it and he said it was getting painful knowing a lot of his little kid's drawings would end up thrown away, so he asked the kid to draw the best Godzilla he could and he took that one to his tattoo artist.


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