Can Matt Draw Comics the Marvel Way?

I don't know who this dude is, but he is RAD
(img src:

Back to the battlin' 'bots of Into the Breach at 9! I don't think I have this move unlocked yet...

Godzilla just turned 64 and there's STILL promo images and stills I haven't seen before! Look at all the delightful chaos in this one!
(img src:

Business Ultraman has a suitcase full of ramen because every once in a while life is awesome.
(gif source:

It’s actually Ebirah’s severed claw at an odd angle, but at a glance it looks like Godzilla's got a HUGE rose in his mouth! How romantic?!
(img src:

We had a lot of fun on Vaporween, especially with Heavy Bullets! Here's a sick-ass track from it for

Grab a friend and some dranks, it's almost Halloween! 🎃🍻

you, an amateur: potato

me, a professional: PROtato

Barrel rollin' with Star Fox 2 at 9!

D&Doodles from tonight's stream! Not pictured: my first swing at dickbutt.

Drawin’ D&D characters tonight at 9 on ! 🎲🤘

Anyone who's seen Ultraman foe Jamila in action probably figured this is how the suit worked--but I never would have guessed the requirement for jean shorts with a belt.
(img src:

Is Mytek the robot or the gorilla? "El Poderosa" just means "the Powerful"! GUESS IT'S TIME TO LEARN SPANISH
(img src:

No shit, Paramount and JJ Abrams have optioned the film rights to this tavern-brawlin' mechanoman (! Even a bear came to watch a fellow bear get his ass beat!
(img src:

you, a dipshit: my favorite s oup split peea : v)

Me, An Intellectual: My Favorite Soup Is The Primordial Soup.

Back to the (virtual) drawing board tonight at 9! 'Bout to make Bob Ross look like Rick Ross!

honestly being a ghost doesn't sound so bad

1. no money required
2. infinite pranks
3. permanent vacation
4. hang out with Winona Ryder

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