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I reviewed more Ultraman! This month's episodes give us feuding demons, vengeful ghosts, and... some uncanny similarities to Pee-Wee's Big Adventure?!?

Artist has whipped up a whole mess of slasher/monster stickers! Find your favorite freak!

! Still crazy for this big, broad, beefy boy!
(img src:

Real friends will save your ass at the last second. Real friends are little iron-eating goblins.

Hopefully I can unlock a giant baseball bat and turn this into Monster Bunter World! More Monster Hunter World at 2!

If you haven’t already, you could always celebrate Father’s Day by revisiting the King of the Monsters’ foray into fatherhood! Take a stroll down memory lane with my old review of Son of Godzilla!

There are plenty of King Kong knock-offs, but The Mighty Peking Man is still my favorite. Fuck 'em up bro!

In the Alien comics, there is a synthetic, cigar-chomping, gun-toting xenomorph with human-level intelligence. HELL YES
(img src:

I love how they range from "weird but cute" to "THIS SHOULD NOT BE." Jim Henson and co. were sorcerers.
(img src: themuppetmasterencyclopedia.tu )

Background creeps and critters from The Dark Crystal! Look at these lil' stinkers!
(img src:

Nintendo finally listened to my years and years of sob-filled voicemails and made Ridley playable for the next Smash Bros. !

All of my punch-friends are finally coming home and it feels so right. Welcome back Ice Climbers, I missed your frosty butts!

So in Japan in the 60s apparently you could get notebooks with RADICAL imagery on the cover like this. For comparison, my current notebook is PLAIN BROWN. Can we ULTRA up our notebooks already?!?!
(img src:

The concept art for Kong: Skull Island is insanely fucking rad.
(img src:

We're STICKING with Katamari Damacy for today! Can you ROLL with that? Starts at 2(ish)!