Good little article for that pesky we all have from time to time

The Real Imposter Is the Part of You That Hesitates

The Virgin YA Author JK Rowling vs the Chad YA Author Rick Riordan

So.... AITA for being happy that despite being a yoga teacher who is dependent on my classes for income, Gov. Dewine isn't going to reopen gyms anytime soon? I just think public health and safety is more important right now...

this photo of charlie chaplin not in costume is fucking me up

Wow, why did I wait so long to start running again? It feels soooo good to knock some rust off my joints

Omg, why do I struggle with making light watercolor washes!? Always too much pigment! This is ridiculous...

Ugh.... Can we please just get rid of this regime?

In the Age of COVID-19 Pandemic, Be Wary of Disaster Capitalism and the Climate Crisis

*poison ivy tries to murder the CEO's of the companies destroying the planet*

90's reader: "shes crazy. that is criminal"

2020 reader: "about time someone did it"

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Damn body focused repetitive behavior disorder got me in self destructive cycle 😭 mayday! SOS! Someone save me from myself!

Why is it 2020 and we STILL don't have redheaded emojis!?

If global warming isn't man made then why did a few weeks of SAH make April cold?


a more 'compassionate', a more sustainable capitalism is not possible. the cruelty is the point: the cruelty is necessary for the continuation of the system. there is no reform which won't be fought against by capital, and which won't increase, not decrease, the potential for revolution. the only way the tension in the capitalist system can be released is by dissolution

Found this awesome program that plants trees that you can follow and get updates about! This is going to become my de facto gift for people now

Ugh, I'm nearly 32 and can barely dress myself. Are virtual wardrobe curators a thing? I really need someone to tell me what to purge and how to match clothes.

A secure Twitter alternative! Who knew? Now I can finally release my unwarranted thoughts into the wild instead of leaving them to fester in my brain!


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