meanwhile on bird site "@EliotHiggins
A Fake Nude of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Was Debunked By Foot Fetishists… via @motherboard"

With so much drama in the DNC
It's kinda hard being Alexandra OC
But she somehow someway
keeps coming up with fire tweets every single day

I don't know how to change instances and now i am too afraid to ask

Going on a date with someone insanely more attractive than you doesn't make me more nervous at all

So how is it going out there? Just saying hello

Watching Price is Right and it's misogyny that woman jump up and down and almost come out of their top but dudes don't have an equivalent

To turn off text alerts from the President on Android go into Messages -> internet Options and turn off Douche

I'm playing a game with XCom like strat mini games and man do I absolutely suck

They could have video of the encounter but these GOP cowards will still be saying "You said the home was a mid century modern but it's a colonial so what else are you lying about?"

Wanting to avoid stress today. Now time to figure out why my insurance is dicking around with prior authorization for a month while I was going without medicine.

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