Happy Wednesday, gorgeous people.

Hey, take a step back if you need a break.

Don't feel bad if you're feeling worn out and tired. Living and growing is hard work. It's a good thing to take sometime for yourself on a regular basis.

Take it when you need it.

Hey, I love your supportive toots! They make me feel better almost instantly. 😊

Have you thought about creating a hashtag for them, so people can find them, when they feel down?

Also, happy wednesday to you, too!

@Mopsitravels You know what, that's a great question.

I have thought about a hashtag, but it feels very markety to me and that's not what it is.

It's kind of a daily practice for me that I share on here, so they are all just individual moments that I put out there and let go.

I dig that it's not a hash tagged or branded thing. It's just something I do.


I understand.
When I think about it, the fact that these toots come unanounced adds to their impact 😊

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