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Day 17 of the Raku Advent Calendar - Learn about wrapping, dynamic variables, mixins, and fallbacks and more as the author traces the development of the DateTime::Timezones module.

Day 15 of the Raku Advent Calendar - see how Rudolph uses a Raku module to lead Santa et al back to true north

Day 13 of the Raku Advent Calendar - fast and elf friendly github continuous integration for your modules

Day 9 of the Raku Advent Calendar - access the 'universe of the operating system' with Raku and NativeCall

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Finally, something to #blog about! I got #rakulang modules installable through Portage, the package management system of #gentoo!

This will allow end-users to install Raku modules (or entire programs) on their systems through the system package manager, which is generally the easiest option available.
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