So nice to browse without being bombarde by 'promoted tweets' and other nonsense

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"Which Programming Languages Use the Least Electricity?"

Sounds like a silly question, but makes for a rather intriguing read!

I've not explored it yet...only downloaded the other day...but mycroft might be of interest (

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@robert To play anything after Arkham is pretty damn heroic, but Azul is fun

I sort of see Linux as carrying on in the original direction that Windows forked computers away from. The network/internet caught up with the Unix ideas whereas Windows capitalised on a big CPU on your desk when networking in its infancy

Does this happen in other countries, but only the Netherlands are honest about it?

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It doesn't stream which annoys me...the only way to stream is from the Windows version

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Definitely...I keep saying that AOL peaked too soon with their walled approach to the internet!

I will be there too. Hope you don't have too much trouble with your flight

I have to wait a week to see the last episode of Unforgotten on ITV...+chokes back a pained sob*

Depending what you're talking about, sometimes a label is needed for funding or help

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