just made the signup to a decentralized service as easy as a signup to a centralized one 👍 it’s so nice and straight forward

@MorrisJobke That's one of the various things I'd like to setup on our clusters in Luxembourg.
Setting up a test platform soon before going live.

@paolo Feel free to reach out to us to get more details on how to accomplish this and what is needed


Done already!

I sent an email to Jos about it and had a conversation with Mathias a few weeks back.
Next week I'll be sorted with holidays and move to the new house/country and then I'll start working on it :-)

@paolo perfect 👍 I guess Jos was busy with conference organization and will reach out to you soon

@MorrisJobke He was actually busy finishing the talk as I sent the email while he was on stage :D

I would have loved being there as well but I've in the middle of the move. The good thing is that from next week I'll be a bit nearer to your office :-)

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