@MothMonarch Screeech! oh my word those are so cute

(also I followed you before on fumblr and so excited to see you're over here too! I need more bugs in my feed)

@lithiumreflections Heck yeah I'm in a lot of places!! Not as much bug photo reblogging but the art train is full steam ahead

@MothMonarch Bug art is ALL good!

Also I read back in your toots a bit and saw you talking about children's books and your bug people. Man that would be amazing! I know your bug art isn't 'mainstream' but believe me it stands out and I can't wait to see everything new that comes along for you.

@MothMonarch AHHH and I just thought of someone who would love some of your bee stuff. I need to see if I can get their address so I can gift them... :>

@lithiumreflections I've had thoughts about books and comics but it's difficult to pursue either given the need for a ton of time and funding and/or publisher interest. Someday I'll figure out who the bug people are for besides me. I think they've always been leading me forward but the path is unclear even as I walk it.

@lithiumreflections They are the reason I got as hardcore artistically into insects in general as I did and developed the brand I did. It's been a while since I talked about it all & maybe that's a story I should tell again.

@MothMonarch I don't think I've ever heard the story but would be interested if you ever have time to share!

And I hear you on time/funding/interest. If it was something I was good at, knowledgeable about, and could actually business plan w/$? I'd totally throw in with you. But I know I am none of those things so all I can do is hope that some day things will happen and the bug people will get a bigger life out there in the world!

Oh now I'm thinking about bug people visual novels & games. xD

@MothMonarch Also sorry for my enthusiasm! I just have absolutely adored your bug art for years and I am excited to connect, but also just want you to know that it is lovely and meaningful and I hope it can continue to grow into something more for you.

@lithiumreflections Please don't apologize! I honestly love to hear enthusiasm for my work and rarely do outside in-person events like conventions. I don't get to really connect with or talk to people about it enough. Thank you for reaching out and putting something wonderful and positive in my day today. 🐛

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