Jumanji: a story of four kids and a game they play together

also a lot of the representation on the wiki comes off as cloying and insincere there im done complaining go beams

i think people sometimes forget that blaseball players did not *choose* to be playing blaseball

and no i am not just bitter because they edited all the body horror out of the wiki page i wrote back in season 4

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*dusts of mastadon account from months of disuse*
i am just generally disappointed with the tone this fandom settled on and i dont have enough blaseball mutuals birdside to really complain about it over there

cant stop thinking about how disco elysium's setting came from a custom ttrpg campaign. these people spent decades roleplaying in an ultra-low-magic contemporary secondary world geared towards stories about realpolitik and existentialism and that is exactly the kind of person I want making art

mh, kinda + 

some bad things happened today and I engaged and processed them without having a meltdown. the worst of them were one step removed from me so this isn't *that* impressive, but some of them were things I immediately wanted to take responsibility for; i didn't take too much and, so far, am not guilt spiraling.

it's serious progress.

I hate that I'm totally down with everything hs2 is trying to do but It's starting to lose me just due to sentence-and-paragraph writing quality

procedure 110-Montauk is they bring in a puppy and she gets to play with it

this is what you get for using pay-to-win dating app bullshit to get to the top of my queue, Gabriel. I hope that was $1.99 well spent

which one speaks to you

welcome to new crobuzon, we have:
- an androgynous remade mentioned in a throwaway line for body horror
- transvestite sex workers only mentioned for the gay protagonist to distance himself from
- an entity who got their genitals magically stolen and who the narrartive ties itself in knots to call by their full name every time

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china mieville is as good at talking about class as he is bad at talking about gender

"new weird" has got to be the worst-defined subgenre in all of speculative fiction, which sucks, because its also my favorite

hate to be the one to say it, but the protagonist of Nevada is just transfem scott pilgrim

glad to announce that i am now a proud fan of the Hellmouth Sunbeams, and im only like 20% sure i know what that means

jpgs of my corporeal form 

it’s day 2 and the placebo effect is making me a slut

people who have experience with HRT: how long does it usually take to ascend beyond this demiurgic realm of material suffering and reunite with the one true divinity? I started yesterday on 2mg of estradiol and 1/2 of bicalutamide, if that helps

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