Timely as ever.
Still a perfect depiction of our society.

@Motorod Real wages were rising in 2019 for the first time since the 70s right up until covid hit. Simply raising the minimum wage does not fix the problem. Inflation and other effects will adjust prices to ensure the real value of wages don't increase. To really see an increase in wages you need to increase the value of labor, which can be done through various means, but one obvious one is stopping all the currently legal and illegal importation of cheap labor, as well as bringing manufacturing back to this side of the ocean to increase demand and make our labor more self sufficient. Generally, nothing is more harmful to real wages than globalization (all that the politicians mean by "diversity" is diversity of where they can pull the cheapest labor from).

image description 

Cartoon. An old white man in tuxedo stands on a huge pile of money. Next to the pile, a young person stands and holds a sign which reads 'Raise the minimum wage.' The old man on top of the pile is pointing to the young person and shouts 'Your greed is hurting the economy!'


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