Also I maxed out my self-indulgent-designs meter yesterday and threw this up on Redbubble. Sometimes I just make the things I personally want to exist and nobody can stop me!

@Mous Oooh! Love! Gonna buy some stuff in just a minute!

That said, any chance of other flags, specifically nonbinary in my case? Buying some of this design either way, but it'd be pretty cool to have both.

@sendoshin I'd love to do other flags, but as I lost the PSD file for the pattern years ago even doing the trans flag was really time consuming! I'm working on a reconstruction of the original file, and may do other flags once that's finished - unlikely to be done in time for this Pride, though.

@Mous This is reasonable. I look forward to seeing what comes of it, even if it's a few months away! (We actually don't have Pride in my city until September, for various reasons, so even if I wanted it specifically _for_ Pride, I wouldn't need it until then. I just really like the design, and want stuff that uses it. 😸)

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